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Victorian Individual Shapes


Embark on a journey of sophistication with our eclectic tile ensemble, showcasing a myriad of shapes including squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, and beyond. Immerse yourself in this world of possibilities today!

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Original Style stands as a venerable titan in the realm of tile craftsmanship and distribution. Since 1986, their artisanal creations have graced Exeter, Devon, seamlessly blending the finesse of quality raw materials, time-honored techniques, and cutting-edge technology. Victorian Tile Emporium proudly stands as the esteemed bastion for acquiring and showcasing the exquisite repertoire of Original Style tiles within the United Kingdom.

For an in-depth exploration of the complete Victorian Floor Tile Patterns and Borders collection, we extend an invitation to peruse our distinguished PDF Brochure.